These are the dangers of WhatsApp Status


A few weeks ago we told you that the new Status of WhatsApp are already here. This feature is quite similar to Instagram stories or Facebook stories. The unification of these three applications is becoming stronger, and Status is a proof of this.

However, even though you can have fun using this WhatsApp feature, there are several risks and dangers that you should know. Stay with us if you want to know the problems of WhatsApp Status, as there are not few.

These are the dangers of WhatsApp Status

Loss of privacy

It is true that you, voluntarily, upload your Status to WhatsApp to share with your closest people – or not so close – what you are doing at a certain time. However, WhatsApp has always been an instant messaging application, in which we communicated privately with people or groups of people, without any third party intervening.

With the Status, WhatsApp is closer to being a social network, in which we are exposed for 24 hours, with the consequent loss of privacy. Always remember that your Status can see many users, and that WhatsApp is not like Instagram, it is appropriate to use each application for its purpose.

Malware Appearance


One of the problems of large applications is that they often have several pirated applications that promise to extend the functionality, but are nothing more than malware. With the theme of Status, applications will begin to appear for more than 24 hours, download, modify them …

Some of them will work and be safe, but others, usually from outside stores, may contain a lot of malware, so be careful what you install.

Problems with friends and family

It is true that you can choose who sees and who does not see the Status of WhatsApp, but we are sure that many users will not discover this, and will not be aware that their content is seen by all their friends or family.

Even though they are our closest people, it is not appropriate to show what we are doing 24 hours a day. That state in the park drinking a beer, when you should be studying, can cost you a good fight at home. Careful!

Risks with minors

If you are a minor, you must take great care of your privacy, since you expose yourself to many risks. In the case of smaller, WhatsApp users of, for example, less than 13 years, Status should be directly banned.

They can cause bullies, security hazards and all kinds of problems caused by sharing personal information without being aware of it. This group is the most vulnerable, so measures to prevent are never enough.

Blackmail or harassment

We are not always aware of the consequences that can have on what we upload to WhatsApp Status. If you raise something inappropriate, you may suffer some form of harassment or blackmail, so take care of the detail that you publish in this application.

Of course, this applies to all social networks, but WhatsApp is an application very accessible to everyone and with a larger number of users than any social network in Spain. Not everyone has Instagram or Facebook, but almost all have WhatsApp, and in these cases is a factor that increases the danger.


We do not want at any time to alarm or encourage the use of WhatsApp Status, but you must be aware of the dangers that you expose when using this function. Like everything else, if used with moderation and care, WhatsApp Status can be a fun and entertaining feature.

And you, what do you think of the new WhatsApp Status?